OpenBenches is designed and built by Terence and Elizabeth Eden.

There are blue plaques to commemorate the famous and influential figures of the past.
For everyone else, there are memorial benches.
A quiet reminder of the people gone but not forgotten.
A spot to rest your weary legs and give silent thanks to “Alice – who loved this park”.

OpenBenches.org is a site dedicated to those benches. Take a photo of a bench’s plaque and upload it to the site. It will automatically be added to the map.


We’ve been contributing to OpenPlaques for a few years – but couldn’t find anything for benches.

The wonderful George Julian runs https://memorialbench.wordpress.com/ – but the location data isn’t open.

OpenStreetMap has a list of (nearly) every bench in the world – but they don’t record whether there is an inscription on it.

We tried to send a Freedom of Information request to Westminster Council for a list of their benches – but they don’t keep that information.

So now it is time to crowd-source the data! We’ve grabbed some Open Data from Bath – who provide a list of memorial benches and their locations.

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  1. Would be great if you could add a new picture to an existing bench. For example add a view if there’s only a long shot. Maybe even add extra views at different seasons or time of day.

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